Guide for new readers

Welcome. This page provides an overview of the blog since my first post in November 2016.

This blog chronicles my experiences in academia, alongside reflections on raising a child with a chronic illness and reading feminist dystopian fiction. I started blogging once I had secure work, when I had time and space and energy to write. I had been an avid blog reader for many years, and was searching for a blog that explored difficult questions about slow academia in relation to the politics of higher education, university governance, academic roles and identities, and academic activism.

Here are a few of my favourite posts: Blogging as a loose-fitting garmentHeterotopias in higher education, Details optional and, in the Over a Cuppa reflection series, Don’t be the wizard behind the curtain. Older favourites include: A letter to my future self, stories we tell ourselves, goals for today and contaminated time.

Here are the summaries of the Philosophy and Theory in HIgher Education Society (PaTHES) slow academia online meets: Uses and abuses of slow, Stories of the self, Universities as places, Thinking together, Speculating on time and Theorising slow academia. And the webinar series (in progress): Universities, goodness and plague.