Guide for new readers

Welcome. This blog chronicles my experiences in academia, alongside reflections on raising a child with a chronic illness and reading feminist dystopian fiction.

Here is an overview of the blog since my first post in November 2016 (since updated).

Here are a few of my favourite posts: A letter to my future self, stories we tell ourselves, advice overload, goals for today and contaminated time.

I started blogging once I had secure work, when I had time and space and energy to write. I had been an avid blog reader for many years, and was searching for a blog that explored difficult questions about slow academia in relation to the politics of higher education, university governance, academic roles and identities, and academic activism. I couldn’t find this in the one place, so I decided to start here.

I love the start of a new year. There’s something delicious about the beginnings of things—books, semesters, people—don’t you think?

  • Why slow? – on things that matter more than work

Work matters – it has to matter because sometimes it takes me away from what matters more.

The value of slow academia lies in its emphasis on care and well-being; its risk lies in reinforcing the inequities of academia.

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways.” Why this byline for a blog on slow academia?