Neutral good goes to university

My teenager is into Dungeons and Dragons, and many weekends are spent planning and playing with friends. I feel an odd sense of nostalgia. I haven't played D&D so the intricacies are lost on me, but at university I hung out with role-players and recognise the lexicon that goes with that magical worldview. For the … Continue reading Neutral good goes to university

Snapshots of leadership

It's a busy time of year (at work, at the kids' schools and at home) with little time for blogging. Here's a snapshot of what I have been up to — with a teaching, employability and leadership theme. 1. I chaired a panel on employability for higher degree research students with Professor Vito Mollica, Head … Continue reading Snapshots of leadership

Claiming leadership to advance gender equity

Last week I was fortunate to co-present a webinar with Gail Crimmins and Marina Harvey for the Council of Australasian University Leaders of Learning and Teaching (CAULLT) - Gender equity is everybody's business. Gail Crimmins shared her research in progress about work experiences and career trajectories in universities across the UK which received an Athena … Continue reading Claiming leadership to advance gender equity