A new look and a guest post

Last year I commissioned artist and colleague Fidel Fernando to create a new look for the Slow Academic. In this guest post, he describes the process of creating the image above. What I enjoy about this reflection is that Fidel took the challenge as an opportunity to learn and embrace slowness. On the other hand, … Continue reading A new look and a guest post

In a hurry

This is the 13th post in Over a Cuppa, a series which offers prompts to reflect on learning and teaching during the time it takes to make and drink a cuppa. Cross-posted from Teche, original artwork by Fidel Fernando. Since mid-February, once a week (other than a fortnightly mid-session break) I have posted 300 or … Continue reading In a hurry

Everyday life

A lot has happened in the world since my last post, and yet I'm writing from inside the same walls. In Australia, most people are experiencing COVID-19 through the disruption of social distancing, rather than proximity to illness and mortality. My condolences to those who have lost people close to them. Here, we are schooling … Continue reading Everyday life