Neutral good goes to university

My teenager is into Dungeons and Dragons, and many weekends are spent planning and playing with friends. I feel an odd sense of nostalgia. I haven't played D&D so the intricacies are lost on me, but at university I hung out with role-players and recognise the lexicon that goes with that magical worldview. For the … Continue reading Neutral good goes to university

Things that are making me happy

Happy new year! As always, the holidays are coming to an end too quickly so I am reminding myself to hold on to that holiday feeling. I've borrowed the title of this post from a regular blog series by Kate at booksaremyfavouriteandmybest which often features swimming, gin, walking and chocolate. (Another thing I love about … Continue reading Things that are making me happy

Winding up, winding down

It's three days until Christmas and the forecast for the day in Sydney is a slightly cloudy 28 degrees Celsius. I have finished work for the year — although a few tasks continue to niggle and I will be wrapping those up today, along with the pile of Christmas presents hidden in the wardrobe. I … Continue reading Winding up, winding down