Everyday awe

I want to remember moments of awe in everyday life, especially at times when sad news can be overwhelming. Sometimes this feeling is prompted by music played on the radio, such as Fiona Loader's evocative Lorikeet Corroboree, which I heard for the first time last week. Also Nardi Simpson's Of Stars and Birds and the … Continue reading Everyday awe

Things that are making me happy

Happy new year! As always, the holidays are coming to an end too quickly so I am reminding myself to hold on to that holiday feeling. I've borrowed the title of this post from a regular blog series by Kate at booksaremyfavouriteandmybest which often features swimming, gin, walking and chocolate. (Another thing I love about … Continue reading Things that are making me happy

Winding up, winding down

It's three days until Christmas and the forecast for the day in Sydney is a slightly cloudy 28 degrees Celsius. I have finished work for the year — although a few tasks continue to niggle and I will be wrapping those up today, along with the pile of Christmas presents hidden in the wardrobe. I … Continue reading Winding up, winding down