Notes while reading

I sometimes keep a notebook of 'notes while reading'. This was crucial during my PhD, but has become an occasional rather than disciplined practice. At any time, what I am reading shapes my thinking. Regular readers of this blog will know that in most posts I share excerpts from journal articles and academic books. I … Continue reading Notes while reading

Politics and loss

You may be reading this post against the backdrop of the American presidential election, but it was written before we started obsessively refreshing news pages on results. The 'politics and loss' of the title is on a smaller scale: changes to higher education in Australia. Here in Australia, higher education is making front-page news like … Continue reading Politics and loss

Contaminated time

Following my recent article with co-authors Lilia Mantai and Vanessa Fredericks, Deferred time in the neoliberal university: experiences of doctoral candidates and early career academics, I have been noticing discussions of time everywhere (Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at work). Our article appeared in a special issue of Teaching in Higher Education on the timescapes of teaching. Here … Continue reading Contaminated time