Stop thinking

Create opportunities to stop thinking. That was the advice from a psychologist to me this week. In the midst of too-much-ness — the transition back to school, the busy preparation for a new university semester, and drama in my volunteer work — we learnt that a colleague had passed away suddenly. Sharing his loss with … Continue reading Stop thinking

Everyday awe

I want to remember moments of awe in everyday life, especially at times when sad news can be overwhelming. Sometimes this feeling is prompted by music played on the radio, such as Fiona Loader's evocative Lorikeet Corroboree, which I heard for the first time last week. Also Nardi Simpson's Of Stars and Birds and the … Continue reading Everyday awe

Wonder and wandering

We have just returned from a week's holiday with extended family on Lord Howe Island, a small island in the Tasman Sea on the east coast of Australia. It was glorious. We spent the week immersed in nature — walking, bicycling, snorkelling and bird watching — and sharing meals and conversations. I have returned to … Continue reading Wonder and wandering