Claiming leadership to advance gender equity

Last week I was fortunate to co-present a webinar with Gail Crimmins and Marina Harvey for the Council of Australasian University Leaders of Learning and Teaching (CAULLT) - Gender equity is everybody's business. Gail Crimmins shared her research in progress about work experiences and career trajectories in universities across the UK which received an Athena … Continue reading Claiming leadership to advance gender equity

E is for experiential learning

Welcome to the fifth post in the ABCs of Pedagogy, cross-posted at the university blog Teche. This series is progressing slowly! Its aim is to provide university teachers with the theoretical language to describe their teaching practice. This is useful for the purposes of reflection, scholarship of learning and teaching, career progression and recognition such … Continue reading E is for experiential learning

Wonder and wandering

We have just returned from a week's holiday with extended family on Lord Howe Island, a small island in the Tasman Sea on the east coast of Australia. It was glorious. We spent the week immersed in nature — walking, bicycling, snorkelling and bird watching — and sharing meals and conversations. I have returned to … Continue reading Wonder and wandering