Reflection for learning

I continue to share brief lessons from the modules in Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching, a free massive open online course (MOOC) designed for new teachers, those who wish to enhance student learning or teaching practice and emerging leaders in higher education. The MOOC is currently open for enrolment. Sign up at and use … Continue reading Reflection for learning

ABCs of pedagogy: F is for freedom

Welcome to the sixth post in the (slow) ABCs of Pedagogy. The aim of this blog series is to provide university teachers with the theoretical language to describe their teaching practice. This is useful for the purposes of reflection, scholarship of learning and teaching, career progression and recognition such as teaching awards and fellowships. Do … Continue reading ABCs of pedagogy: F is for freedom

Neutral good goes to university

My teenager is into Dungeons and Dragons, and many weekends are spent planning and playing with friends. I feel an odd sense of nostalgia. I haven't played D&D so the intricacies are lost on me, but at university I hung out with role-players and recognise the lexicon that goes with that magical worldview. For the … Continue reading Neutral good goes to university