Slow holidays

Our holidays are a bit different this year. The transition to high school and primary school means minimal vacation care for the kids, and a new job for their dad has limited his leave-taking. In Australia, kids get at least six weeks off over summer, which is at once a source of pleasure and frustration. … Continue reading Slow holidays

Slow academia: a panel discussion

This week I listened to the recording of a Slow Academia panel I participated in earlier this year. It was organised by Demelza Marlin for higher degree research students and early career academics, and I was on a panel alongside Andrew Dunstall, an academic from Philosophy "who surfs casual contracts from semester to semester and … Continue reading Slow academia: a panel discussion

Generous scholarship

Yesterday morning I received the gift of time—a cancelled meeting due to systemic technical problems which also meant tasks on my to do list could not be completed. How to spend this time? Drinking tea and reading. Thanks to a birthday present from my children, and books received as payment for a proposal review, I … Continue reading Generous scholarship