Learning to listen

I love reading memoirs. I enjoy the intimacy of an encounter with the defining event(s) of someone else's life. I recently read Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts on her experiences of becoming a mother at the same time as her fluidly gendered partner, artist Harry Dodge, underwent surgery and testosterone treatment. As someone who enjoys talking, … Continue reading Learning to listen

Slow privilege

Gosh, the beginning of semester is a busy time, even for a slow academic. This post comes to you late, and feels a bit rough, but 'done is better than perfect'. There have been some great tweets about the privilege of slow academia in the last couple of weeks: I would love to be a … Continue reading Slow privilege

Do casualisation and slow academia mix?

Much of what I want to say here will be expanded in future posts, but I have to start with something.  When my daughter was born ten years ago - as an aside, my having a ten year old child seems unlikely since I have not aged ten years since - I was a part-time … Continue reading Do casualisation and slow academia mix?