Planning and dreaming

I don't consider myself a great planner. I often enjoy unintended outcomes more than the predetermined. I love the happy discoveries of serendipity (even the word is a joy). Here's to creativity sparked by reading, unexpected calls for papers, conferences and conversations with colleagues! A ResearchWhisperer post by Tseen Khoo earlier this year made me … Continue reading Planning and dreaming

Slow privilege

Gosh, the beginning of semester is a busy time, even for a slow academic. This post comes to you late, and feels a bit rough, but 'done is better than perfect'. There have been some great tweets about the privilege of slow academia in the last couple of weeks: I would love to be a … Continue reading Slow privilege

Writing differently

I have had a wonderful fortnight of writing. This is what I did: I submitted a 400 word abstract for a conference paper, submitted a short journal article (I am lead author with two co-authors), and drafted a longer journal article (also as lead author) to send to two different co-authors next week. I also … Continue reading Writing differently