After celebrating an enjoyable and productive writing period in an earlier post, I am now cast down after a rejection. I had a series of rejections - for jobs, papers, abstracts and grants - last year. After many years of writing and publishing, I am highly experienced in rejection. But, my goodness, it can still … Continue reading Rejection

Stars = slow, tiny acts of resistance

I have mentioned last year's Academic Identities conference in a couple of previous posts - here (on calendars) and here (on anxiety) - so it has certainly had an impact. (It is also on my mind as I start work with an international research group on a social history of the Academic Identities conferences). One … Continue reading Stars = slow, tiny acts of resistance

Slow privilege

Gosh, the beginning of semester is a busy time, even for a slow academic. This post comes to you late, and feels a bit rough, but 'done is better than perfect'. There have been some great tweets about the privilege of slow academia in the last couple of weeks: I would love to be a … Continue reading Slow privilege