Contagious anxiety

You may have seen the I Am Anxiety advertisements from beyondblue on television or in print. Watch with caution as it induces anxiety very effectively: Stills from this video were on posters at bus stops near my university last year. Every time I saw one - "I am the tightening of your chest" - I … Continue reading Contagious anxiety

Redefining early career

Colleagues and I have a new paper out: Redefining ‘early career’ in academia: a collective narrative approach.* This is a paper I am proud of and, perhaps not coincidentally, it is one that has taken many years from the initial research conversations to this publication. In brief, we want to redefine early career to encompass … Continue reading Redefining early career

Career pathways

I spent part of this week - my final working week for the year - at the Macquarie Minds showcase. I wasn't able to attend all sessions but those I did proved thought-provoking. Listening to these academics it was easy to see why they are at the top of their game: they are passionate, they communicate … Continue reading Career pathways