A reminder to play

Two seemingly unconnected things: My six year old son has taken to referring to himself as his thirteen year old sister's imaginary friend. (I find myself half believing him). And a couple of weeks ago I attended a gathering of Higher Education Scholars. I have previously posted about these events (The spirit of research, Yarning … Continue reading A reminder to play

Lost in thought

I love those moments while reading when the mind drifts, when the reader's thoughts flow towards other ideas and become untethered from the text. In The Pleasure of the Text (1975), French literary theorist Roland Barthes writes of the experience of reading: “[A text] produces, in me, the best pleasure if it manages to make … Continue reading Lost in thought

Learning about dragons

This post was inspired by a recent tweet from Lilia Mantai: My (almost) 3.5yr old sees a pen on the dining table & goes: Who's drawing Mummy? Me: Me, Mummy's been writing. He: Why? Me: Mummy writes down ideas. He: Why? Me: That's Mummy's job, she thinks, she writes and ... He: Yesterday, I saw … Continue reading Learning about dragons