Back and forth

I love ongoing scholarly conversations that take place in the public sphere. I recently read Les Back's (2016) delightful Academic Diary: Or why higher education still matters which chronicles the seasonal temporalities of thirty years of academic life (with thanks to Tai Peseta for the recommendation). No doubt I will have more posts inspired by … Continue reading Back and forth

Good enough

I moved office today, which makes it the perfect time to consider what I want to display on the walls. Nick Hopwood's recent blog post on his wall of rejections (complete with thumbs up photo) has been popular. He writes: There is a pedagogy here – not only normalising rejection, but also potentially modelling ways … Continue reading Good enough

“Career suicide”

(Image from BLASST cartoons) When I accepted my first academic position on completion of my PhD, I was pretty happy about it. My PhD was in Cultural Studies examining corporeal feminist philosophy and motherhood. (At the risk of understating it, this topic is not generally considered a canny choice for any career, but it was … Continue reading “Career suicide”