Kindness cards

1. A few weeks ago my son came home from preschool proudly wearing a laminated card on a string around his neck. His friends had nominated him for a Kindness Card. It read 'Thank you for sharing your kindness with us today". We don't always acknowledge kindness so visibly. (This is one of the reasons … Continue reading Kindness cards

What matters

This is not the post I had planned to write. Last Monday, my daughter (who is epileptic) had a seven minute seizure on the way to school. We knew her seizures were escalating, but we expected a simple increase in medication, approved by her neurologist via email, would resolve them (as has happened in the … Continue reading What matters

Unusual archetypes

It is the beginning of a new school year across Australia. Navigating primary school with my daughter - who is in her second week of Year 5 (upper primary) - has been a learning experience for everyone. School has not been an easy fit for her. The title for this post comes from a conversation … Continue reading Unusual archetypes