Everyday life

A lot has happened in the world since my last post, and yet I'm writing from inside the same walls. In Australia, most people are experiencing COVID-19 through the disruption of social distancing, rather than proximity to illness and mortality. My condolences to those who have lost people close to them. Here, we are schooling … Continue reading Everyday life

A reminder to play

Two seemingly unconnected things: My six year old son has taken to referring to himself as his thirteen year old sister's imaginary friend. (I find myself half believing him). And a couple of weeks ago I attended a gathering of Higher Education Scholars. I have previously posted about these events (The spirit of research, Yarning … Continue reading A reminder to play

Learning about dragons

This post was inspired by a recent tweet from Lilia Mantai: My (almost) 3.5yr old sees a pen on the dining table & goes: Who's drawing Mummy? Me: Me, Mummy's been writing. He: Why? Me: Mummy writes down ideas. He: Why? Me: That's Mummy's job, she thinks, she writes and ... He: Yesterday, I saw … Continue reading Learning about dragons