“Career suicide”

(Image from BLASST cartoons) When I accepted my first academic position on completion of my PhD, I was pretty happy about it. My PhD was in Cultural Studies examining corporeal feminist philosophy and motherhood. (At the risk of understating it, this topic is not generally considered a canny choice for any career, but it was … Continue reading “Career suicide”

Undercare in the academy

Sometimes a new (to me) word comes along that seems to perfectly encapsulate a whole lot of previously disconnected ideas. This week that word was undercare. Not neglect, just not enough care. I read the word in an article in The Australian magazine: What doesn't kill you about the impacts of chaotic childhood experiences. It … Continue reading Undercare in the academy

Quantified academia

At a conference dinner a few years ago, my dinner companion asked me 'what's your h-index?' At the time I was blissfully unaware of my exact number (a key indicator of my lowly academic status) so my companion googled me on the spot. Our conversation was short-lived (I didn't measure up). For those in the … Continue reading Quantified academia